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No commiting suicide!!!  Join with us and lets fight for our rights? - - It has been too long -we have no reason to feel shame ---- they would love for us just to give up. -It is like we have leprosy and no one really cares what is us happening to us because they feel like we brought it upon ourselves, by taking the illicit and even the prescribed medications written to us by our physicians. Have you been treated  like the scum of the earth, when you had to admit to another physician, you were seeing for another ailment,  - - that you were taking methadone.?  Did you notice the change in their countenance toward you?   Many of us have and we are just tired of being looked down upon as if we were there for just more medication.   I don't  like being discriminated against.   Do you? - -   I have even had physicians refuse to treat me because I was taking methadone? - - -  What about "Hippocratic Oath?"  "Do No Harm."

Some of us have accepted the label - but not me!  Addiction Is A Disease!  ~ ~ ~  There are still people who haven't heard.  - Then we have those who simply choose not to believe it.  They would prefer to see us us locked up behind bars and  in doing it their way, they don't have to deal with us.They have succeeded in many people's lives and it is a crying shame and I am sure there are plenty that wish we would just commit suicide - then there would be one less addict to worry about.  They don't want our Medication Assisted Programs in their towns. They fight them in every way they can.  If that is not enough for us to deal with, we have to deal with the "Methadone Maintenance Treatment Centers," and we have some of them which are excellent and treat us like we are human beings but they are others that see us as if we had leperosy.

 We are to here to help you if you have are having problems. If you are having any problems within the "Medication Assisted Treatment Program,"  -  you are attending  and cannot get any relief through their "Grievance Procedure,"  not all, but most have their own of handling your complaints.    ~ ~   You must follow the "chain of command."   - - -  - First try talking with your counselor about your circumstances, they should be able to offer you some advice but if they can not handle your complaint, - they should be able to advise you on how to proceed from there.  -  -  If they tell you there is no way for them to hear your Grievance, proceed directly to your Program Director and and share with them your circumstances and basically let them know what your needs are. 

Most of the time, - they are there to help you, so approach them in an amiable manner, - not with a chip on your shoulder before the conversation takes place.  Speak in a soft voice and maintain your control at all times. - It will work in your favor later if you have to take your grievance up to the next level.  If at this point you still do not have your problem settled then it is time to call for back-up. We are the back-up, - - - even though a lot of you are smart enough to handle it on your own, and if you have the ability, - then we will supply the people you need to contact and what your next steps should be.  

Just to lighten it up for you; sometimes our grievances seem to overwhelm us. - It adds comfort to know someone cares and is on your side and we can trust in them to help us.

Every Methadone Maintenance Treatment Facility is accredited by one of the following agencies. All are located on our Internet. Most of them have forms that you can print out and mail back to them. If they fail to meet their accreditation requirements, they will lose their license to operate.  Find out which one accredits  
yours and file your complaint. You can make a difference!  

1. If your Methadone Maintenance Treatment Facility is accredited by:
Commission on Accreditation Of Rehabilitation Facilties

CARF International, 4891 E. Grant Road, Tucson, AZ 85712, USA, (520) 325-1044 or toll-free (888) 281-6531 voice/TTY, (520) 318-1129 fax

CARF                             Click Here

After you click, then look for Contact Us.  You can send them a message from there letting them know your problem and asking how you should proceed to file a complaint.

2.  If your Methadone Maintenance Treatment Facility is accredited by:
Joint Commission Accreditaion  Of Hospitals Organization

Complaint Hotline
(including requests for a Public Information Interview) (800) 994-6610     Send a message if you prefer.  Check out their website below.

JCAHO                        ClickHere

Federal and External Relations - Washington DC Office

Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations
601 13th Street, NW
Suite 1150N
Washington, DC 20005

phone: (202) 783-6655
fax: (202) 783-6888

3.   If your clinic is accredited by:
Council On Accreditation 

Call Toll Free 1-866-COA-8088 


 120 wall Street  11th Floor
 New York, NY  10015 

We have an updated list of your Methadone State Authority Contacts.  --- Just click and it takes you to a list of all the states:  ------ I would defintely advise you to click and write down all the information about the one in your state.  There are various reasons you may need it especially if you are taking methadone.    - - -Take the time to get to know them and where they are located.

Click Here

Copy and paste the above address into your Internet Browser if you find the link is not working properly.

If patients don't resolve their problem after contacting the State Methadone Authority and the appropriate accreditation agency, they have the option of contacting CSAT-Center For Substance Abuse Treatment, the Federal agency that has oversight of Opiate Treatment Programs. 

CSAT can be contacted by calling (866) INFO-OTP or (866) 463-6687.   

Send it to:
don't forget to enclose your name, number and the best time to reach you.

We would like to welcome Mrs. Niel Kaltennecker.  

Georgia State Methadone Authority 

 Phone:  ( 404) -657-2257 

Mrs. Niel Kaltennecker, MD

To summarize:

We are revising our Grievance Report and Release of Information Form. - - If you need a copy of either, please do not hesitate to call us free of charge. We will get one to you as soon as possible. We do have them available.Follow the instructions below  and I will send one as an attachment.  Thank You.

E-Mail Me:

You can either reach us by phone at (770)-428-8769 to request a copy sent to you by facsimile (770)- 428-5791  We urge you to file reports on your programs whether they are good or bad ~ just in case there is someone looking for a program and/or transferring from another state or city in the United States.  You can file a report on any program ---- we service all the United States. 

 Soon we will have State Chapters in all states with more people to assist you. We want to get the news out quickly especially concerning the ones that are treating you unfairly.  No names needed unless you prefer to use yours ----- just provide us the name of the clinic, city and state and briefly share with us about their unfair practices and I will splash it all over our website for all to read and just maybe if we can't stop their bad practices ---- we can stop them from acquiring any more  new patients from utilizing their clinics.  What do you think? Can it be done?

I think we can hurt their business --- especially if we work together --- make it a point by word of mouth to let all you can know, file your reports being specific about their practices and I will take the next step by splashing the specific com-plaints in various places, so we the patients can get the word out.

Which one are you?  Will you bury you head in the sand and ignore the abuse or will you join the others and report the truth? 
or Send us your name, number and the best time to
call you and we call you at our expense. No joke!

Medical Assisted Treatment of America
368 Johnston Pkwy
Kennesaw, GA  30152


Help Us To Help Others !!     You have not given unless you have given out of your need.  

Written /Compiled :  Deborah Shrira          Updated:  21 June 2007